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Kepler Elements Post-Production Studio

Audio & Video post-production studio
Record more, edit less.

Audiobook & E-learning Content Editing & Mastering Service

All your audio and video editing needs are covered, from audiobook editing, proofing, and mastering, to assembling your training videos.

Spend more time writing and recording great content and less time editing them.

Audiobook Editing, Proofing & Mastering Service

Get better-sounding results without the editing headache. Have your audio narrations transformed into a market-ready professional, crisp, clean-sounding audiobook.

Have your audio files edited immediately after each chapter Is narrated with our Express Start program.

Audiobook Editing

Our team meticulously cleans your audiobook files to remove all noises and errors. We never use plugins or take shortcuts to edit your recordings. Your files are edited manually, we do not believe in gating or audio muting. Here is what each audio file goes through to make them sound perfect!

Fast turn-around. Expert results.

Audiobook Mastering

Your audio files will sound warm and crisp to meet ACX submission requirements and mastered to broadcast-quality standards.


Video & Audio Editing Services For Online And Corporate Learning Content

Transform your video files into a professionally edited and crystal-clear training video that’s production-ready.

We have qualified editors who specialize in editing, mixing, and mastering video recordings, so you don’t have to.

Bring Clarity to Your Instructional Courses

Our services ensure that your instructional videos are free from distracting elements and maintain a logical flow. By carefully sequencing scenes, integrating effective transitions, and enhancing color balance, we help to convey your message clearly and efficiently.

E-Learning Video Editing & Mastering

Our services aim to eliminate distractions, allowing your learners to focus entirely on the content.


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